There is hope.

Call it what you will…fate, karma, coincidence—-for me, it’s that unexplainable power of God, the Holy Spirit, working to help me be all I can be, to fulfill my purpose, to fill my life with joy.

So, of course, it was no surprise when I opened the annual gift a cousin sends. It was the White House Christmas ornament, carrying a message from an earlier time. The 2020 ornament is the portrait of President Kennedy, arms folded, head bowed, seemingly in deepest contemplation, and I recognized the power of this gift.

This simple gift became a pearl without price, opening a treasure trove of memories. In an instant I was waiting at the school door to pick up my 7 year old son as my mind’s eye was watching the nightmare of a November day in Dallas, seeing the blood stained skirt of a shell-shocked wife, the first lady, suddenly the former first lady, watch her husband’s successor sworn in, feeling the sweet sorrow as a little boy saluted his father’s casket. Yet with all those feelings and emotions flooding in, the sense of pride in the way our country handled that horror and the many that followed, from Viet Nam to Bobby Kennedy’s death to the hanging chads of 2000, filled my heart with gratitude and hope.

Gratitude that I lived in that particular time and the present time. Gratitude that this cousin, who has vastly different political views than I, faithfully sends these small treasures, for we both love history and our country. Gratitude for remembering how strong and resilient our country was and is. Gratitude that such a small gift could make such a difference in this
confining COVID Christmas season, because I remembered that it was a very small gift, a baby, that made all the difference for all of us on a star lit night in Bethlehem.

And hope that the love that baby brought into that world continues to have the power to bring Joy to our world.

Contributed by: Barbara Furlow

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2 thoughts on “A Gift at Christmas

  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful message! It’s always the ‘perfect time‘ but especially this season, this year, to be reminded that Hope never fails and Joy is ever present in our faith!

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