Most “home” haircuts are one and done. This one lasted a lifetime.

Back in August of 1962 Rosa Maria and I got married in Mexico City in a hurry. There was no baby hurry, but we had to be at the U of R in Rochester New York, before the end of the month to meet the chairman of the Department of Physiology who was going to be my supervisor as a graduate student, because he was leaving for a sabbatical semester in Nigeria. We made it on time and I got started with courses, while Rosa Maria attended some English classes at the University.

A few weeks later I had my first haircut ever outside of Mexico City at the corner barber shop and the result was less than OK. So, for my second haircut I recruited my wife for the task. She accepted somewhat reluctantly, borrowed an electric clipper and proceeded to run it through my hair with enthusiasm but without a second thought.

I didn’t need another haircut for the next 2 or 3 months!

Then we purchased some stylist scissors at the drugstore and she started a lifelong career of monthly carefully done and increasingly elegant haircuts.

To this date she has cut my hair about once a month for the 58 years of our marriage, minus two haircuts a year when we visit family in either Chicago or Mexico City, or when we vacation in Cancun, where there are professional stylists that I like and trust.

Doing a little arithmetic all this comes out to 12 haircuts/year x 58 years of marriage = 696 haircuts; minus 2 haircuts/year x 58 years = 116 haircuts. The grand total is 580 haircuts times an estimated $15 per haircut: I owe my wife $ $8,700 just for her efforts.

The real plus of this domestic arrangement is that I can get a haircut while in a quarantine whenever there is a pandemic and keep looking well groomed.

I do have to make an appointment, but I don’t have to wear a mask!

Contributed by: Federico Dies

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1 thought on “A Lifetime of Love and Saved Haircut Fees

  1. I enjoyed your story. I have been cutting my husband’s hair for the last 40 years. I wouldn’t say I have risen to a high skill level in 40 years but I am adequate and he isn’t very picky. As for me, I haven’t been to a shop in the past 8 months what with the pandemic concerns. My husband has cut the back once while I ‘chopped on the front’. A few months ago, my 15-year-old granddaughter cut it for me. It was her first time cutting hair and though I was somewhat nervous I figured that our lack of social activity would be the saving grace. It was one of the best cuts I have ever had.

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