Two families touch over half a century.


“Hop on Doc”
[Photo by Weigler Godoy on Unsplash]

In the late 1920s, my father, recently graduated from medical school, had joined his father-in-law to practice medicine in Loogootee Indiana. One night he was called to deliver a baby out in the country. He drove to the end of the road that led to the house, where he was met by a young lad with a horse, who directed him to ride it to the house.

After delivering the baby, my dad was again given the horse to ride back to his car. “Just let him go”, said the boy, “ he’ll come back to the barn”.

Some 15 years later, my father’s practice had moved to Indianapolis, and he was called on to administer blood tests for a couple about to be married. During the appointment and friendly talk, it turned out the groom was the same young lad with the horse from years before.

Fast forward 60 some years. I was on the board of the Marquette Manor and one evening the members each had dinner with one of the residents of Marquette. During the pleasant talk it came out that (1) my resident was from Loogootee; (2) she had been married to the lad with the horse; (3) they had their marriage blood tests from my father in Indianapolis; (4) she was now widowed and living in Marquette; (5) and meeting Doctor Matthews’ son.

By the way, the horse did get back to the barn.


Contributed by:  Jim Matthews

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2 thoughts on “A Story of Lives Crossing

  1. Jim that was just a great story! It is so fun to hear how things happened and they can,t all be coincidences. Some things are just meant to happen. I remember both your parents and they were wonderful! Mary Kay Stuhldreher

  2. What a great story, Jim! Certainly shows how connected and similar each of us might be if we only took time to enjoy a quiet conversation. I’ll try harder!

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