As a COVID-19 precaution, this 500 resident senior community is limiting visitors and screening everyone upon entry. Those exhibiting a fever will not be admitted.

Our world, yes, our world! Is experiencing an unprecedented crisis – a pandemic. It is caused by COVID-19 a new virus more virulent than seasonal flu. The population has no immunity to this new virus. Specific anti-viral medicines, and testing capability must be developed. We are essentially starting from scratch.

This disease is more serious for seniors, those with underlying health problems, and anyone with an immune deficiency – the inability to ward off infection.

Seniors everywhere should take this threat seriously and follow the advice widely available from our government, health professionals, and the media. Senior communities, like the one where I live, are expected to promote vigilance with hand washing, limited social contact, and isolation for people who are affected or who have symptoms such as fever, shortness of breath and lethargy. Whether these precautions are heeded to the fullest is up to us!

Those of us who remember World War II can recall our pride and the responsibility we felt for flattening tin cans, saving newspapers, and buying saving stamps and bonds to support the war effort. This pandemic is the closest I have felt to that time.

The words below shared by a neighbor exemplify these feelings.


By Savvy Senior



Regarding COVID-19, it’s not about me.

I rarely let anything stop me. BUT IT IS NOT ABOUT ME.

I am cancelling my spring break trip to New York. I am not afraid of getting the virus myself, although that is not very likely, BUT IT IS NOT ABOUT ME.

I deserve my trip. I have worked hard, BUT IT’S NOT ABOUT ME.

This would have been my first time to go to New York alone without the agendas of other people. I was so excited, BUT IT’S NOT ABOUT ME.

A doctor friend in New York told me about cases doubling every day. A ticket-taker in a Broadway theater was just diagnosed. You just don’t know. Am I in panic mode? NO, BUT IT IS NOT ABOUT ME.

If I were exposed and pass it on to a flight attendant who has a child with an immune deficiency, IT IS NOT ABOUT ME.

If I were exposed and passed it to my baggage handler who is caring for an elderly parent, IT IS ABOUT HIM.

If I were exposed and pass it to my Uber driver whose wife is undergoing chemo, IT IS ABOUT THEM.

If I were exposed and passed it on to my sister, a teacher in Cape Girardeau who is watching my dog, IT IS ABOUT THE PEOPLE IN HER HOMETOWN AND STUDENTS IN HER SCHOOL.

If I were exposed and pass it on to my favorite Jack in the Box worker who has several kids and if quarantined, she will have no income, IT IS ABOUT HER.

If I were exposed and pass it on to one or many of my students who then must be quarantined, IT IS ABOUT THEM.


From Nancy Prisk


And a poem…

I came upon a nice gentleman
Who calmed my fears.
But the Corona is scary, especially if
You’re on in years.
But I feel better and I’ll plow on
And pray
And as the saying goes
Take it day by day.

By Ruth Butler


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4 thoughts on “An Unprecedented Time

  1. I loved what you both wrote as you expressed your feelings about this virus. It’s a difficult time. Your caring, up-beat attitudes are welcome and appreciated not just by me but by many others, I’m sure. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wish I had gotten out of my “zone” earlier and been uplifted by these thoughfful, well-written
    pieces. Guess I forgot, “It’s not about me.” Thanks!

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