A traditional book club is an expression of love for books and the search for community. Members meet at regular times to discuss the book and enjoy camaraderie. They learn more about the books and as a bonus, about the people in the group. The post hoc discussion is the gem that adds to your experience. Members read a physical book that is purchased or borrowed, or the book may be read on an electric reader like a Kindle. Selection varies but sometimes is chosen months in advance. With a library, titles are limited and books must be transported. None of these rules out a traditional book club. Many exist now and are likely to do so in the future. But we offer a better way for seniors.

The physical meeting of the online book club at Marquette in Indianapolis, IN (two members were absent, and another took the picture)

Your Good Life offers a new kind of online book club. We do the work. You read the book and when you finish, send your comments if you choose! Our theme is fine fiction and that includes books you may have read thirty, forty, or more years ago that you might enjoy again but from a new perspective. Not everything is old, some new titles are included. There is no Facebook or celebrities and there are no advertisements. You can read with a physical book or use a Kindle. You can join as a group or as an individual. Your club can be friends in different locations or a group in a residential community. All you need to know is how to log on to a computer or do it with a friend. Have a look at how we communicate with members (see current, previous, next book). If you would like to learn more, contact us and we will provide all the information you need to join individually or as a group.