COVID-19 came a-calling
Dr. Fauci called the score’
U S Mailman wouldn’t enter
Two staff members did his chore.

We are called to isolation
No more bus-trips to the store
No more core-crunch, no more treadmill
No more swimming as before.

Where is bridge game? Where is poker?
Where is meeting on each floor?
Puzzles gone from lobby table
Dinner hanging on my door.

Entertainment out the window
Watching workmen laying brick
Hope I see the building finished
Before the virus makes me sick.

Elevator packed with people
Mail-room limit only two.
Hard to keep your ‘social distance’
Trying to avoid this COVID Flu.

Spring is here, I yearn to wander
Highways call me, come away!
Leaving Marquette is no problem
Getting back in, hard to say.

Loved the first week isolation,
Like vacation, only more.
Second week stretched out before me
My own company begins to bore.

Got this urge to clean a closet!
Never felt like this before.
Isolation affects some people.
Took two aspirin. Shut the door.


March 2020

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