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On Jan. 19, 2021 I received my first of two vaccine shots at a nearby hospital clinic. Using transportation provided by the Senior facility where I reside, I arrived at 9:05 am for my 9:20am appointment. The driver dropped me off at a door marked in big letters “VACCINE ENTRANCE.” I was told that I would be picked up at a door marked “EXIT.” Simplicity personified.

I was greeted by a worker who asked if I had a respiratory illness. When I said, “no,” I was told to proceed. With no one in sight, I walked quickly following arrows and blue circles spaced 6 ft. apart. I entered a room with 15-20 providers seated at tables ready to administer the shot. Each table had a cooler. I had not known that both vaccines required refrigeration.

A card was filled out giving my name, DOB, and the name of the vaccine. I had come prepared by wearing a short-sleeve shirt under my sweater. Was it the skill of the administrator or the size of the needle, I do not know, but she beamed as I told her that it was the best shot that I had ever received. It felt like a mere pin prick.

I was told to wait 15 minutes to make sure I suffered no ill effects. During that time, I was assigned a date and time for my 2nd shot – 3 weeks later.

I was impressed with the efficient way the clinic was set up and run. Twenty-five minutes after I had entered the building, I walked toward the Exit to find my “magic carriage” awaiting.

That night as I prepared for bed, I noticed that my arm near the injection site was sore. While not painful, I did avoid sleeping on it. The next day I felt as tho’ someone had removed a plug and my “perk” had all drained out. I didn’t feel sick; I was just at a low ebb. I can’t stress enough that this effect was extremely mild. What did surprise me was that both the sore arm and the lack of energy continued a full five days. Overall, I’d say it was a minor inconvenience.

I’m told there will likely be a stronger reaction to the second shot. That doesn’t deter me. I’ve waited patiently for nearly a full year while abiding by all the “rules.” I’m anxiously awaiting Shot #2. I feel fortunate and blessed that our scientists were able to come up with a vaccine so quickly.

I hope you plan to get the vaccine as soon as you can with the desirable result of “Herd Immunity.”

Contributed by: Jo Lesher

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4 thoughts on “COVID-19 Vaccination First Dose

  1. Having completed the info above and abiding by the KISS rules (keep it simple, stupid), I will tell you that in doing that, I exercised a tremendous amount of self-discipline not to end that article by adding: “Moo!”

  2. I guess we got the vaccine at the same place, they were really very well organized.
    Good luck with your second dose!

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience. It sounds like it went very well and not like the cattle stampede I imagined. My husband and I will be in the next group (65-69), so we will be joining the herd soon. I am looking forward to it and a little more freedom.

  4. My experience at IU North was a similar tale of efficiency. Unlike your mild reaction, I had absolutely no discomfort the day of the injection nor any time after. Do hope the second injection reaction will be the same. Good article, good encouragement for others, Jo. Thank you.

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