A poignant recounting of a moment in life that had a big impact on a few who were involved and likely many more who were not.



Doug’s obituary was in Sunday’s paper. What a wonderful, talented man he was.

I met Doug at a social event at the retirement home where I live only a few months ago. I saw him get up on the stage to dance while I was playing the piano entertaining the group. Doug was having such a good time he asked for more songs he could dance to. He set such an example with his skillful twists and turns that he was soon joined on stage by Charles, and then Billie.

People loved it! But later I was told not to play “dancing” songs. The staff was concerned that over eager participants might fall either walking between the tables to reach the stage or do so on the steps leading onto the stage.

“Who was this old man who loved to dance”, I thought. I soon found out.

Over time, my husband Bob and I enjoyed eating in the grill with Doug and his friend Walt. We learned that these two men were childhood friends. They were in Boy Scouts together. Both had families and they were now widowers. Doug on the second floor and Walt on the third.

Even at 90+ years, both Doug and Walt were physically active. Recently, I asked Walt about how Doug was doing. It appeared to me that the usually active Doug was slowing down.

Because of the unusual times we are facing due to the COVID -19 restrictions there have been many changes in our social lives. The last Friday social found me playing the piano on stage by myself ! Me at the piano and the music was broadcast on channel 91 TV. Volunteers passed through the halls with a cart giving out popcorn in packages and bottled drinks for any resident who had opened their apartment door at the appointed hour.

Voila! Some residents have told me that they danced to the music in their apartments. Good creative thinking! I’m sure that would have included Doug but…

We’ll miss you, Doug!


Contributed by: Beverley Heid

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1 thought on “‘Doug’

  1. Beautiful account of what amounts to “remembrance of days past.” I have been living and even enjoying the music, the physical ed exercises and lectures and other events on channel 91, but I miss the social human to human contact. Hopefully that aspect of our lives will return in the foreseeable future, foreseeable even for those of us who are shortsighted!

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