The people are everywhere. They have color, shape, clothes, but mostly they have disposition.

Anger, fear, anxiety, dread, depression,

Enthusiasm, confusion, hurry, impatience,

Arrogance, impatience,

Stoicism, resignation,

Weariness, exhaustion,

Anticipation, rudeness,

The que, we call it a line in our place

Innocence, love, fatigue, friendliness.

The back of the head in front and the nudge of the case behind

The interminable wait for the head of the line who doesn’t speak the language

The agent who didn’t get a raise and who had a fight with his wife

Working for the airline which is losing money and spending the pilots’ union’s pension fund.

The bag is too big, sorry.

No smoking – good; Sorry, no smoking – rats

No, you can’t upgrade

We can stow the bag below, it’s too big to come aboard

Good morning, how are you?

Yes, that’s right.

No, I don’t work for the airline.

This way, no that way.

The young man limps, he has a bandage on his leg, he will get well.

The old man in a wheelchair has swollen ankles and breathes with difficulty, he won’t get well.

God is here – God is everywhere, not everyone knows it.

Some know it but aren’t thinking about it right now – why? He is there (or is He a She?) I think He is a He.

When will there be rest?

How will we rest, how will I rest, what If I? we? don’t? Why does this happen to us?

Why do we do this to ourselves?

God is good – we get messed up – we must find peace.

I am on standby.

Hope they find a seat.

The plane is big – the biggest they make.

People still come.

The healthy-looking lady in a wheelchair, maybe she has multiple sclerosis?

She has lots of square packages on her lap.

Let’s get on the plane.

By Gene Helveston


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2 thoughts on “Faces at the Airport

  1. What fun being present with someone else who is experiencing the airport. You captured the experience and helped me accept what I am experiencing in the here and now. It makes me remember to be present in the present. But what if I don’t have any interior space left to be present?

  2. This was a really good expression of observance on a variety of people in one place and what they could be going through.

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