This is the last regular issue of Your Good Life; thanks for your support.


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Thank you for “picking up” this story and thanks to all who have contributed your own story, poem, photo or comment online. You have helped make Your Good Life, a literary website for seniors by seniors, possible at Marquette.

In the past three years more than 60 readers have created and published their own work not only online but have seen it in a book. Recollections and Memories is a collection of the first 50 Chapbook stories published in November 2020. In addition, a handful of residents have completed their memoir. Our thanks to Rosemary and Bruce Hume for their leadership in this area.

Why did we launch Your Good Life at Marquette? We know seniors have memories and talent but suspect some lack confidence when it comes to sharing. Sandy Hamilton is an example of a person who needed urging, but when she submitted her wonderful stories, they were among the most appreciated.

Margaret Simpson led by example and taught with skill as she shared her love of poetry and helped us find that poet who might be in us. And in the poetry department Jo Lesher’s haiku and tanka shared something old that was new.

Fritz Lalendorf volunteered his skills not only in editing but in making sure the story works.

And when it comes to getting material ready for publication online Lynda Smallwood and Mary Jo Zazueta, our two “pros” on the team, have been great.

If all is going so well as we “pat ourselves on the back” why is this the last regular issue of Your Good Life? And why are we “claiming success” as we quit? The reason just might be you! “How does that work” you ask? It’s this way.

We built Your Good Life to be a literary web site that would appeal to seniors anywhere. Would everybody like it? No! That’s not the way of life. But we did conduct research here at Marquette that indicated about 25% of the residents of a life care community would enjoy and contribute. We hit that mark perfectly with Marquette. Let’s not kid ourselves. We at Marquette are not the best there is and certainly not the worst. We are a good place. But there are lots like us.

Our goal has been to replicate the success at Marquette to 100 or even 1,000 similar communities. For starters we selected about 200. Some were local, others were communities like Marquette located nationwide and administered or owned by a particular group, and some were a moderate sized group of communities in another state.

When we contacted activity (lifestyle) directors, executive directors, residents, and others we heard all say “I like it,” but few acted. Without broader support we were unable to reach enough potential subscribers to replicate the success you helped us achieve at this wonderful community and give us a chance to become self-sustaining and provide YGL free to anyone.

The site will remain online for the next few months for those who want to share their stories or want to look at something they may have missed.

Again, thank you. It was you who proved our point, a senior community does benefit from the experience provided by Your Good Life. We succeeded with the people who we were able to reach but failed to sway the people who “run the show.”


From the Editors

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9 thoughts on “Finis

  1. Sorry for the loss of stories But appreciate the effort put forth by those who worked on this project, thank you.!

  2. The biggest thank you belongs to Gene Helveston. This web sit was his creation and he followed thru with his contributions week in and week out. No one could have done more.

  3. Bruce and I enjoyed being a part of this project. We thank Gene for his leadership in making this happen. Keep writing!

  4. Gene, Thanks for publishing my stories as well as putting everything together all of the time. Rosemary and Bruce gave me the incentive to write my own little book. Margaret Simpson was great with poetry. Miss you all. Bev Heid

  5. I am sorry to see this leave, but it was so hard to get others to see how much fun and interesting something like this could be.
    A big thank you to Gene Helveston who spearheaded this site and worked many hours on it and with the people who sent in articles.
    This site has been a great way for me to keep connections with all of the wonderful Marquette people I met while I lived there. Art and I are enjoying life in Cary NC and urge all to visit this diverse state.


  7. Gene, what a terrific job you have done to open the doors of opportunity to those of us who enjoyed reading other’s stories, poems, essays, as well as to those of us who appreciated the opportunity to be “published.”
    Where will we ever find the motivation and encouragement you have provided?
    Thank you for all you and everyone involved has done. I will very much miss YGL showing up in my inbox.

  8. Thank you for sharing the wonderful stories formed from glimpses of history and the lives of our neighbors! The dedication and hard work of your entire team has been appreciated with each issue, Gene. Perhaps YGL will become the stepping stone to a new opportunity for all. We will remain hopeful!

  9. I will really miss the wonderful stories and insights. The editor and staff are wonderful. This was a joy.

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