Haiku is a form of ancient Japanese poetry. It evolved from a short form of poetry called tanka, which was practiced in the golden age (A.D. 794-1185). We hope you try this concise and compelling form of expression and have fun with it—and then share your haiku and tanka with us at Your Good Life.


Journaling with Haiku

Session 1: Introduction to Haiku

Session 2: Classical Haiku

Session 3: Modern Haiku

Session 4: Capturing the Now in Haiku

Session 5: Contemporary Haiku

Session 6: Journaling with Haiku

Session 7: Trying to Figure Out Things

Session 8: Long Verse in Haiku Meter

Session 9: Traditional Tanka – #1

Session 10: More Traditional Tanka – #2

Session 11:  Tanka Three Ways

Session 12:  Minimalistic Tanka

Reboot Haiku