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Today, 9 Feb. 21, I received my 2nd Pfizer vaccine shot. I was told that I would be immune in 2-3 weeks. What good news that is!

My appointment was 45 minutes later than my first. There was a line extending outside. One reason for the long line was apparent once one started through their system. In response to questions asked, we were divided into sub-lines: those getting their first shot and those getting their 2nd shots. Those getting a second shot were further divided according to which vaccine they were getting, Pfizer or Moderna. For my first shot, all were getting their 1st shots and only Pfizer was available.

I had been told that the reaction to the second shot would be much worse than to the first shot. I don’t believe that was true for me. After the first shot my upper arm from elbow up hurt and I was excessively tired. Both lasted 5 days. The 2nd shot caused a more immediate, and more severe reaction but was short lived. To me, that’s better. There was a fair amount of bleeding at the site of the injection. There was no bleeding the 1st time. That evening a large, oval shaped area at the site of the injection formed. It was hot, swollen, hard and quite red or “angry looking.” At the center, there’s an about 1/4″ dark spot. I believe the difference was due to the one who administered the injection. The first one was the best shot that I had ever had – a hard act to follow.

That night, I went to bed at my regular time. While I usually am a sound sleeper, I had interrupted sleep due to intense shivering. My hands were extremely cold. One good thing: I placed my ice-cold hand over that hot area on my arm resulting (I think) in a warmer hand and a less hot swelling. I probably had a fever but I was so sleepy, I did not want to get out of bed to take my temperature.

But, that was it.

Day 2 and I was fine – except I had two naps. That undoubtedly was due to my interrupted sleep. I still have that swollen place on my arm on day 3 but think it might be a tad smaller. As long as it is improving or not getting worse, I see no cause to see my doctor about it.

I consider these reactions as minor. I fully expect to get booster shot(s) sometime in the unknown future. This will likely be because of the mutations or perhaps due to the length of time the immunity lasts. I will do anything I can do to prevent getting or giving the virus to others. I look forward to the time when ALL in my family have received the vaccine and, I’m happy to report that they ALL plan to do so.


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1 thought on “I Got My Second Shot

  1. We are set to receive our first shot on Feb. 25th. I am looking forward to it. I understand it’s not a ‘get out of jail free shot’ but I am looking forward to seeing family I have missed, eating out occasionally, go to the grocery and pick out my own produce, play euchre with my brother and sister in law, and hug my mom.

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