The English professor assigned,
“For next Monday, write a poem on infinity.”
Me! Infinity?
Whatever could I write?
Generating ideas, my mind was as tight
As a miser withholding money.
So abstract!
Surely infinity means something boundless or endless.
But to describe it more specifically or concretely
Is like trying to catch squids in roaring rapids!

One day to my surprise,
My mental block finally met its demise.
Gazing at the world through different eyes,
I discovered infinity all around me,
As the following vignettes comprise:

Imagine spelunkers stooping, bending, and crouching through caverns
Resembling an endless labyrinth of catacombs meandering far and wide.
Spelunkers often see
Formations upon formations of stalactites and stalagmites
Replicating their eerie beauty.
That’s infinity!

Infinity certainly enshrouded me on a Disney World ride
Where all the cars would climb up forward and slide down
Backward on a zipperlike track
Zigzagging throughout the mammoth globe.
How disoriented I felt
Like a sailor losing his way back to shore!
Blackness of night engulfed every passenger
As it had cloaked Jacque Cousteau and his bathysphere
Descending the depths to the ocean floor.
Then we sped by numerous intersecting neon lights overhead
Glowing in yellow-orange, ruby red, lime-green, and cobalt blue.
What was this place?
I had no other clue as to what this vastness represented.
Also, perhaps weightlessness, timelessness, and obscurity in space?

One beholds as infinity unfolds:

Daily in a breath-taking sunrise and sunset,
In seasons circling like ponies on a carousel,
In a bottomless well,
As perennial flowers bloom every spring,
When clocks continuously tick away the hours,
As frost bedecks trees with brilliantly colored leaves each autumn,
While echoes of children’s laughter reverberate through a canyon,
In sewers, telephone wires, power lines, and lumber piles
Extending for miles and miles,
During a chilling, suspenseful mystery filled with twisty turns and plots,
While studying and discussing countless miserable lots and exceptional
Contributions of people throughout history and currently,
In God’s fervent hope for all of us to live well
So our souls will have spiritual life
Needed to dwell in Heaven with Him for eternity.
What better, more uplifting example of infinity
Can there be?


By Sandra Fortier

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