Closets have been tidied
I have cleaned out all the drawers,
Rearranged the kitchen cupboards
Even scrubbed the bathrooms floors.

Read all the books I care to
Sewed on buttons, fingers sore
This old “isolation business”
Begins to be a dreadful bore!

First two months of COVID
Started out to be a lark
Ate dinner in my jammies
Hopped in bed before it’s dark.

Don’t know one day from another,
All the days just come and go
Only way I know it’s Thursday
The Green-Gang comes to mow.

I’m driven to writing poems
On the days that are really slow
And sometimes for excitement
I just sit and watch grass grow.

Please don’t think that I’m complaining
Things are NOT as bad as they could get
I’m glad to be alive
And happy at Marquette.

Margaret Hall Simpson
June 2020

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