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The ship sailing in the harbor on another day [Photo by Charleston Harbor Tours – Schooner Pride]

Recently we returned to one of our favorite getaways, Charleston, SC. It had been over a decade, and we were excited to be back. We decided to celebrate our anniversary and create a memory with a new adventure! We agreed the two-hour tall ship cruise and dolphin watch was a good choice and as active as we cared to be.

It was a typical July day, hot and humid, so we welcomed the advice of our bed and breakfast host… hats, sunscreen, and shade. Water would be available. We got a ride to the downtown shopping area nearer to our launch site, purchased $75 worth of hats, found the five and dime store and purchased enough sunscreen for the day – $15. Satisfied we were now prepared for the intense sun… hats, sunscreen, and umbrella for shade, we got a Lyft to the tall ship launch.

The very moment our driver dropped us off, the sky opened, and we were caught in a torrential downpour! Our attempt to huddle under the umbrella was laughable! Standing in the downpour, we were entwined as one, nose to nose, closer than we sleep and STILL getting completely drenched. The only thing left to do was it accept the circumstance and realized we had been given a surprising and unavoidable memory.

Our cruise, though delayed, still launched and we anticipated two hours under sail would help us dry out but that too took an unexpected twist. We soon learned a 15 knot wind was necessary to sail the ship. At the current two knots, we were actually drifting backwards so it was sails down and motors on! We did dry out and are still laughing over the unexpected events that became our memory!


Contributed by:  Carol Stafford

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