An article from the Associated Press was spied by Marion Harcourt who then shared this story with us at “Your Good Life”.


According to the Michigan Department of natural Resources, Eagles have been making a “resurgence” in the past several decades. There are said to be 800 nesting pairs in the state currently. This eagle was photographed a few days ago by Lisa Sprunger in the northern lower peninsula about 200 miles east of the drone downing presumably by another bird.

A bald eagle attacked a drone sent aloft by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy — destroying a propeller and causing the vehicle to crash in the waters of Lake Michigan.

The incident occurred on a bright midsummer day as the drone was recording shoreline erosion near Escanaba in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Information obtained from this effort would tell the effects of current high water levels and help communities cope with the damage resulting.

Experts and the drone pilot said only seven minutes of the mapping flight had been completed when reports back from the drone became spotty. Attempts to retrieve the drone failed. On a video screen the device costing $950 began to twirl.

“It was a bumpy roller coaster ride,” said the drone operator, who looked up and saw an eagle flying away, apparently unhurt by its confrontation with this alien flying machine.

Two birdwatchers who were nearby reported seeing the bird attack something but they didn’t realize it was a drone.

The drone sent multiple warning notifications as it spiraled to the water, including a report that a propeller was missing. Although search of the shoreline failed to find the drone, analysis of data later revealed that it landed in 4 feet of water about 150 feet offshore.

The drone team is considering ways to reduce the chance of a repeat attack. These include other designs on the aircraft to make them look less like a seagull.


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