Journaling differs from keeping a diary in that you express your deepest, most personal feelings and thoughts in your journal. A diary is a record of events, Haiku Journaling allows you to capture the essence of a moment using the ancient Japanese form of poetry. With this spare form, you can catch the mood and impact of the moment.

Haiku forces you to express yourself in a limited number of words that catch the essence of the experience. Haiku lies somewhere between poetry in its many forms (unleashing your muse) and keeping a diary (recording your experience).

We were introduced to haiku by the leader of Your Good Life’s Poets’ Corner. Using this concise form of expression, we were able to “capture our feelings in a bottle.” In this section of Your Good Life, we share our first stumbling steps as neophyte haiku journaling poets.


Sharing with Haiku Journaling

New from our Readers


stretching languidly
day ahead a blank canvas
she falls back asleep

Julie Sutton


New from our Editors


Needed: One bear hug
The warmth of a fond embrace.
Hibernation sucks!

Jo Lesher