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Photo by: Nathan Wright

For the last seven months, I have been looking at the wind and waters of Lake Michigan. This is because my summer in Northern Michigan started early and has been extended into the fall. Instead of Memorial Day to Labor Day, this year’s stay began in early May and will last till Thanksgiving. This change in routine is the result of COVID-19.

The water I have been watching daily, even when storm-tossed, carries with it the promise of calm if we stay the course. Explaining the lesson provided by the water, a friend said, “Whenever I look, there is something new and different in the seascape as it is sculpted by wind. There is a time to enjoy and a time for caution. But no matter how strong the wind and wild the sea, it will return, in time, to perfect calm—peace.”

I believe his words also apply to the disruption in our lives that COVID-19 has wrought. The wind he describes is one of energy that is uncontrollable but always reverting to calm. When it is wild, we keep our distance and put up barriers against encroachment. We cannot beat it ourselves, but we can outlast it and be victors in the end.

The wind is a facet of nature. It is master—and at times, even threatening. It is a disrupter with the waves it produces and the damage they can cause. This applies now, as we deal with the virus. No matter what nature is doing now, whether the wind or an infective agent, it will change. No matter how we are threatened by COVID-19, like the heavy wind and high waves, calm will be the reward for those who comply with patience. Where there is turmoil, peace will follow. Like the wind on the water, a peaceful tomorrow can be the reward for our proper actions.

Nature will have its way with water crashing over the break wall and a deadly virus can change how we live, but neither the wind nor the virus will prevail in a society with resolve. When we pull together, there is always hope for victory. There will be calm.

By Savvy Senior

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4 thoughts on “Lessons of the Wind

  1. Thank you for stating so eloquently our need for hope and our calm assurance that, in time, it shall come to be.

  2. Thank you for reminding us that the calm does come after the storm, even tho the storm seems so unrelenting. Be still and know.

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