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The cottage

Our mother, Eloise Wayne Jones, was a resident at Marquette for four years in the Health Center after breaking her hip at age 96 (1999-2002). She was always writing poems and rhymes for all family and friend occasions. Her big claim to fame was winning the Indiana short story contest in the early 1930s. Booth Tarkington and Meredith Nicholson were judges. This poem was written in the 60s when she was closing our cottage on the Bay at Bayview Michigan near Petoskey.

Maybe others who spent time at lakes and had to close up after the summer could relate.


Contributed by:  Linda Matthews & Karen Anderson


Lines to a Summer Cottage

Strangely it stands
Pondering the silence
Awaiting the return of laughter
Within its walls!
Now only the seagull calls!

The Bay is quiet too –
Where once it gaily tossed
The happy swimmers
Pushed the colored sails!
Hark how the seagull wails!

Now comes the early dusk
The winged bat darts endlessly
Among the Pines
Signals impatiently the setting sun
To hasten and depart!
Awaits his evening meal-the insects
in the dark

So, too, does autumn
Pressing its breath
Against the shortening days,
Herald the stern authority of winter!
While creatures in the birch and pine
Listen to the north wind whine!

Oh stay the summer yet awhile –
It’s gentle softness so invites serenity
No tempest rides the soul!
Too soon comes winter’s mantle
To end the carefree day
And cover up in solitude
Our cottage in the Bay!


Eloise Wade Jones September 1961

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