I’ve got stuff I need to tell
Since this COVID-19 started,
Marquette isn’t doing very well.
The Legacy’s closed for dining
Fireside Grill is shut down too
Can’t go to Township Tavern
To drink a frosty brew.

You may go into the chapel,
Meditating your misdeeds
Reading Holy Scripture
And fingering your beads
Singing anthems, chanting praises
Get down on your knees to pray
But the priest just isn’t coming
No masses will be said today.

My neighbors are getting restless,
Tired of this detention
Sneaking into bridge games
The apartments we won’t mention.
They hate this wearing face masks
Staying socially apart
They long for consolation
And affairs near to the heart.

Being in COVID-19 lockdown
A lot like time in jail
The only difference being
We can’t get out of here on bail.
We get three squares a day
And jailbirds do as well
Ours are brought up to our rooms,
And theirs brought to their cell.

This time of deprivation makes us pause
And think things through
Some things look less important
But others take a brighter hue.
A HAIR CUT tops the list right now
A permanent and shampoo.
We look like ancient hippies
With our hair in sad repair
So please, Dear Fran and Phyllis,


Margaret Hall Simpson
June 2020

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