Rosemary explains, “ Prompted by a friend, I went online searching for a way to self-publish a memoir and I found lots of options. For no special reason, I chose StoryWorth and here’s how it all came about.”

About a year ago one of our friends received a gift from their daughter that started them on a yearlong project to write their own stories, creating a memoir. When we heard this, my husband and I decided to do this ourselves. During our year of writing we received questions from StoryWorth and sent back a story for each. Not only did we enjoy the process of writing, we also loved talking about what we were doing with each other and with friends. I learned many things about my husband that were new to me even after fifty-four years.

I answered questions, including a few of my own, for about a year completing seventy chapters. I added photos to the stories and StoryWorth published a hard cover book. My plan is to order enough books to give to my children and grandchildren.

Rosemary Hume

If you want to know more about creating your own memoir, we have had an experience writing ours with StoryWorth, but you may search Google for other options.


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