A late baby boomer or early generation X speaks to the generations that have preceded hers.


[Source: Christian Connection]

This is a heartfelt tribute to you who have gone before. You are the trailblazers of life; and yet, for you, opportunity still knocks. You worked hard to gain the wisdom and life experience you now possess. It has not been easy. There were tall mountains to climb and deep valleys to cross. There were unexpected twists and turns along the way. And yet you made it through and stand now as a beacon to those of us who come along behind. But opportunity still knocks.

You remember the days when fruits and vegetables were grown in the ground by average families, when chickens were raised for eggs and slain for dinner. You have memories of supporting the war efforts during World War II; traveling by car over narrow state highways before the large national interstates were built; walking to school, to church, and to the corner store in your own neighborhoods where you grew up.

You remember the excitement of the first family TV that replaced radio as the source for news and entertainment, along with many other new inventions that changed the world we live in. And you were part of the space race, putting a man on the moon. You also remember when polio, measles, and other diseases were rampant before vaccines and cures were found. Not dwelling on the good ole days, you managed to find your way along in the new manner of life too. And opportunity still knocks.

You may sometimes feel unnoticed and unappreciated as the world around you speeds at a maddening pace. Sadly, that is often true. But there are some of us who pause from time to time and consider the impact of your generation upon our lives. Others of us may not stop to think about it until after you are gone and only then realize that we missed the opportunity to learn so much from you. And perhaps even more of us will be so caught up in the daily grind of living, we never really come to understand that you were the trailblazers. That last group are the ones who will miss out the most. But opportunity still knocks!

There is still an opportunity for you to share with us what you have learned along the way. The youngest generation, who only remembers life when there were buttons to be pushed to get the desired results for food, news, or entertainment, can greatly benefit from your experience and perspective. So can those of us who lived somewhere in between the oldest and the youngest generations.

You have stories to tell of what it takes to overcome the challenges of life, to adapt to the change, and to rise above adversity. The specific details of daily living may have changed over time, with advances in medicine and technology, but the underlying themes remain the same. Do not lose sight of what it took to get you here. It is very reassuring to hear from those of you who dealt with challenges in the past and overcame them. It gives us courage to keep moving forward and do the same.

Opportunity is still knocking. What are you waiting for? We need to hear your stories so share with us today!

Contributed by: Lynda Smallwood

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