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In March 2020 I went to a beauty salon and got a haircut. I never thought that now, a year later, I wouldn’t have been back. Our Governor issued a stay-at-home order only days after my cut. At the age of 65 with underlying health issues, my husband and I complied.

Now back to my hair. I’m not overly fastidious about my hair. I don’t color it or curl it. I generally wash it; blow dry it and hope for the best. By May it was looking dicey, so I pulled out the scissors and cut the front and sides. Though the back was longish, I knew I couldn’t reach it. My logic was, very few people would see the back, including me, so the back didn’t matter.

In July it was out of control again. I chopped at the front and sides and enlisted the help of my husband with the back. A carpenter by trade, his skill at handling fine woodworking enabled him to do a credible job. In late September, I was pondering what I was going to do because it was out of control again.

My 15-year-old granddaughter lives nearby. Emma is an amazingly bright young woman with strong artistic abilities. She is also a savvy YouTube user. I asked her if she would like to cut my hair. I assured her that I wouldn’t hold it against her if she botched it. She was game. She gave me one of the best haircuts I have ever had. Even though her career interests currently are leaning toward environmental sciences, history, and art she can earn some extra money on the side cutting hair. Since September she has cut it two more times.

I love when life’s bright spots find me when I least expect them.


Contributed by: Julie Sutton

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1 thought on “Pandemic Hair

  1. Most can relate to months of bad hair days due to the COVID pandemic. Most, however, are not blessed with such a gifted granddaughter who lives nearby.

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