Poetry can unlock the soul and bring new vistas to our being while enriching life.


At Marquette Senior Living in Indianapolis, poetry lovers meet twice each month to share poetry. We call it Poets’ Corner. Some of us write poetry (not always good poetry); some come just to listen to others read. We talk about poets we like and poems we remember from childhood. We don’t always agree. Some think a poem must rhyme or it isn’t really a poem. We learn about the many forms poetry can take. We also try to convince poetry haters to give poetry another chance. In this group we don’t have to memorize a poem and stand up in front of the class and recite. That may be the beginning of hating poetry.

To capture the essence of Poets’ Corner, we will share notes from bimonthly meetings along with occasional instructive lessons in the Study Session. This information is intended to offer guidance to individuals who wish to join us online. It can also be used to guide those who wish to form their own group. This feature will tell about individual poets, highlight a theme, and discuss style. We hope this offering can foster wider enjoyment of this genre of literature, poetry, described as, the expression of feelings and ideas using distinctive style and rhythm. Those attending online are invited to offer comments and suggestions.


Contributed by:  Margaret Simpson


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