Snow people once stood
Where green spikes pierce thru damp soil
Sand shifts endlessly

Spring paints with blossoms
Bursting forth on stem and tree
Grief remains inside

By Jo Lesher

2 thoughts on “HAIKU: Spring

  1. I tried my hand at Haiku for the Poet’s Corner and gave it to our able leader, Margaret Simpson. She submitted it rather quickly to blog. And, there’s the rub. I constantly write and re-write what I’ve written. Usually I begin by writing something long and rambling then condense, condense, condense. There’s no need to condense Haiku as syllables are counted, 5-7-5. Still, there’s often a word to be changed. And that is true of the 2nd Haiku “Spring.” Before I realized that it had been published, I had changed just one word to more truly express what I was trying to say for my friend of over 60 years, Jaen. She died two days before “Haiku Spring” was written. The fact that the change that I’d made was not included has been bugging me ever since. If you’re interested in what I changed, please re-read that poem but change the very last word from “inside” to “within.” It would then read: “Grief remains within.” What a nit-picker am I?!

  2. The agony and ecstacy of writing is that process of refining language to perfect
    meaning. This is a wonderful example because “within” broadens , deepens the
    expression. Your ” first try” is so impressive!.

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