The girl from Valeene rode sidesaddle
With style and with grace
In a black riding habit
And a smile on her face.

She rode like the wind
On a jet black mare
Wearing a Princess Eugenie hat
On her jet-black hair.

Two lads walking
To Sunday Youth Meeting
Heard her coming
And waved her a greeting.

As she came abreast
She reined her horse to a walk
The young men were friendly
And eager to talk.

One lad was a stranger,
The other, a friend.
She smiled down at the stranger
And gave him her hand.

The attraction, immediate
And obvious to all.
The friend introduced them:
Addie Riley…Will Hall.

Love at first sight,
Simple as that.
She was happy she’d worn
The Princess Eugenie hat.

Margaret Hall Simpson

March 2, 2004



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