Several Haiku Poems were sent in this past week.


The first are from a reader, Julie Sutton, using 5-7-5-syllable count:

How are you feeling?
My mind is in confliction.
A roller coaster.

So is it a new day?
I peeked around the curtain.
It looked much the same.

How Does My Garden Grow….Slow
Sitting patiently
My eyes trained on the plowed earth
Waiting for a sprout.

From our YGL Poetry Editor, Margaret Simpson, we received several Haiku. Some were written with the traditional 5-7-5 syllable count:

Houses needing paint
Feeling of abandonment
Bluebirds nesting here

Blue skies overhead
Soft winds caress cherry trees
Caged birds long to fly

After spring-time rain
Water chuckles over stones
Winter snows are past

Raindrops fall like tears
The sky weeps for my lost love
I will remember

Using poetic license, Margaret, alters the count somewhat yet in essence these poems are Haiku.

Man who rides tiger
Can never dismount
Wisdom comes too late

Stone paths make sore feet
When sandals are forgotten
Eagles soar overhead

Battered pickup truck
Roared past recklessly
Cop car just ahead

Sixty-two years
Bound by love and inertia
Weather unpredictable


From the Editors

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