Little things can mean a lot.

What time is it?

The recent change to daylight savings time triggered a fond memory.

After World War II ended, I returned to St. Louis Mo. and resumed my studies at Washington University. The school was crowded with veterans on the G.I. bill requiring many popular classes to be held in the large auditorium.

On this day there was a test in world history. JoAnne Cates was sitting next to her twin sister Jeanne in the balcony. She asked Jeanne, “what time is it?”

The proctor intervened and the next day JoAnne was moved from the balcony down to the main floor in the first row and next to me. She was very attractive, but I was cautioned by the guy she was dating.

Later that summer I went downtown to Boyd’s Department store. There was a large picture of JoAnne in the window. She was called a fashion consultant and model.

I decided to give her a call but didn’t expect her to say yes when I asked for a date. Fortunately, she accepted the invitation and the rest is history as we recently celebrated our 70th wedding anniversary.

The question, “what time is it?” remains a fond memory.


Contribution by: Bob Waeltz


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4 thoughts on “Reflections

    1. I enjoyed your article. I didn’t know how you and Joanne got together. It was a fun story. Thanks for sharing it with us.5

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