Stress can summon feelings that find refuge in words.

COVID-19 came a-calling

COVID-19 came a-calling
Dr. Fauci called the score’
U S Mailman wouldn’t enter
Two staff members did his chore.

We are called to isolation
No more bus-trips to the store
No more core-crunch, no more treadmill
No more swimming as before.

Where is bridge game? Where is poker?
Where is meeting on each floor?
Puzzles gone from lobby table
Dinner hanging on my door.

Entertainment out the window
Watching workmen laying brick
Hope I see the building finished
Before the virus makes me sick.

Elevator packed with people
Mail-room limit only two.
Hard to keep your ‘social distance’
Trying to avoid thIs COVID Flu.

Spring is here, I yearn to wander
Highways call me, come away!
Leaving Marquette is no problem
Getting back in, hard to say.

Loved the first week isolation,
Like vacation, only more.
Second week stretched out before me
My own company begins to bore.

Got this urge to clean a closet!
Never felt like this before.
Isolation affects some people.
Took two aspirin. Shut the door.

March 2020

COVID-19 high noon



Now on Western Shores

In a far-off land
Wearing masks – telling tales
Leaders control

It’s happened before
With SARS and H 1 N 1
They say, “no problem”

Do they tell the truth?
We buy their stuff anyway
Their trouble not ours

Now on Western shores
We’ve had the flu, why worry?
We are in control

Italy is bad
Only they not us meet doom?
Do oceans protect

No! its our problem
Leaders plot a strategy
We look for guidance

Best do this or that?
What are the risks we face now?
How do we manage?

Best to stop the spread
Few symptoms but much virus
Mobile vectors young

Try social distance
In this fight defense is good
Takes time and patience

Then statistics show
Ten times the risk of dying
Most, not all older

Death toll is rising
Health care workers feeling stress
Equipment is short

Businesses are closed
Even healthy are away
No paycheck, now what?

Government rescues
Money for those who have need
But they want to work

Months before vaccine
No effective treatment yet
We can only hope

The peak is coming
We pray our efforts succeed
All new ground for us

Pandemics not new
The world has suffered many
None like this for us

Our lives are on hold
How much will this scourge change us?
Only time will tell


By Gene Helveston
March 2020



HAIKU and the Virus

We did the two-step
Keeping 6 feet apart
Our smiles bridged the gap



Needed: One bear hug
The warmth of a fond embrace.
Hibernation sucks!


Reflecting on Community

We’re on near lockdown
Many rush out for basics
Squirrels storing nuts


By Jo Lesher


Day One Lock-Down

Stretching languidly
Day ahead a blank canvas
She falls back asleep


First Five Seconds; Shut Down – Day 15

First awakening
my mind an ignorant bliss
reality jolts.


By Julie Sutton



In Limbo

Three weeks ago, in limbo, I decided to self-quarantine as I had planned. The retirement home is now on complete shutdown. All meals are being delivered to our rooms. People can still move about practicing social distancing, but all other activities are cancelled for an undetermined time.

My mail was shoved under the door, my meals were delivered and only with the aid of modern technology I kept busy – to a point. Income tax preparation was necessary, but it was simply impossible to concentrate.

On the sixth day of my lonely and trying self -quarantine, the results of COVID-19 testing of my friends came back. Good news! Both tested negative. I had not been exposed to the virus by them. I am now free to be out and about in my senior living community. It is hard for me to describe how great it is to be able to be in the halls instead of trying to walk a mile inside of an 800 sq. ft apartment! As I write this now, it has been 11 days of a truly different adventure in and out of quarantine.

Would that everyone could be so fortunate to have an outcome like mine. Thanks to so many who have helped me with calls, FaceTime chats, funny stories and to those who brought my mail and newspapers. And especially thanks to the director and his staff, my personal heroes who have been so helpful and encouraging. And thank you God for the abiding peace of your presence.

By Barbara Furlow


COVID-19 Virus Curve

By Jo Lesher



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