The modern haiku that follows is written in impeccable 5-7-5 meter. When shown together, the four stanzas make a meaningful poem.




Comments on Nature
by Margaret Hall Simpson

Blossoms crowd the limbs
So much beauty sears my soul
Feet chill in sandals

Soon after the storm
Water chuckling over stones
Deer poised to listen

Below my window
Dormant bushes wait for spring
Snow is predicted

Blue skies overhead
A soft wind caresses leaves
Caged birds long to fly


After experimenting with how to journal with haiku, Julie Sutton wrote the following about COVID-19:

Day One Lockdown

Stretching languidly
Day ahead a blank canvas
She falls back asleep


Taking a turn at writing haiku Nancy McNutt came up with this:


COVID-19—Now Crickets

Crickets loud chirping
Answering nature’s summons
Where are my earplugs?


Jo Lesher used haiku to ease her grief when her best friend died (in the Spring) and there were no services: “Haiku: Spring.” She also comments about dealing with COVID.


Haiku: Spring

Spring paints with blossoms
Bursting forth on stem and tree
Grief remains within.


Dancing With Social Distancing

We do the two-step
Keeping six feet between us
Our smiles bridge the gap


Social Distancing ?

We stand with locked eyes
A proper distance apart
Our lips yearn to kiss



Needed: One bear hug
The warmth of a fond embrace
Hibernation sucks!


Now, it’s your turn. We’d love to read what you wrote – contact us or leave a post in the comments below.


Contributed by:  The Editors

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