Are you having fun writing haiku? The editors of Your Good Life created the following starting at the height of COVID-19 while living with masks, social distancing, uncertainty, and even fear. For some, writing this verse was a safety valve. These haiku capture individual moments, snippets, that reflect an enduring event and beyond.




Reflecting on Community
by Jo Lesher

We’re on near lockdown
Many rush out for basics
Squirrels storing nuts


At Costco
by Gene Helveston

Empty cart corrals ,
Swarming shoppers forming queues
They’re stocking up, why?


On Lockdown
by Gene Helveston

Many doors exit.
Just one admits the healthy
We are on lockdown


“Legal” Dancing
by Jo Lesher

(sometimes a few words change the tone but not meaning ed.)

We do the two-step
Remaining six feet apart
Our smiles connect us


Social Distancing
By Jo Lesher

We need to decide
Shall we be 6 foot apart
Or 6 foot under


Here are a few examples of writing haiku to deal other life experiences:


By Nancy McNutt

Two wet cheeks glisten
Heartache and sadness persist
I smile in pretense


Best Friend
By Nancy McNutt

Best friends are precious
Rare and irreplaceable
I am humbly blessed


By Julie Sutton

Saying goodbye
Raindrops down the window
Sweetness and sorrow


Life Experience
By Julie Sutton

First awakening
My mind an ignorant bliss
reality jolts


Life Experience
By Jo Lesher

Does it work both ways
This love/hate relationship
My computer/me?


Have you vented, dealt with sadness, or expressed joy by using haiku, prose, or some other form of expression ? If so, please share what you’ve written for others to read. That’s why Your Good Life is here. It’s a place where you can tell your stories and read what others have written.  Contact us here.

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