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OK, let’s try journaling with haiku. Maybe the seventeen syllables unlock deeply seated feelings with a range of meaning. This haiku may speak to readers with a literal message but only the author knows the inner feelings expressed. Journaling with haiku can be an intimate chronical.

On the surface, the following haiku is objective and relates innocent thoughts about life. For the writer it is a journal compiled over a month in the late spring. Many entries conjure memories beyond the literal words.


Thirty Days in Haiku
By Gene Helveston

Spring’s warm caress blooms
No teasing kiss of winter
Summer is coming

The Lord’s day is here
What makes it so different
All our days are His

Life’s autumn is now
Hours ooze a suspended veil
We submit to time

The desk is cluttered
Traces of efforts persist
What deserves saving?

Invited to dine
Or did I invite myself?
The discourse was bright

Spikes and green leaves frame
Bright colors to remember
Black dirt nourishes

The big screen staring
With no brain just memory
I depend on it

It’s raining again
That means we will have flowers
That’s what poets are saying

I see the sunshine
Some flowers need more of it
Rearrange them now

Life can be in charge
All the hours dancing alone
saying where to be

Shared this day for us
Words to inspire and give joy
But will we heed them

It continues growth
Not in every place but some
Ray is always there

Thursday AM
How many will come?
My home is now in order
Will they wipe their feet?

Thursday PM
Many people came
They don’t dress up like before
Faces from the past

Grey fox stalks the green
The rules of nature persist
Ducks know they are paste

Sound and shape make words
They rule the mind that guides our hands
Dog sleeps on the couch

Geese squawking aloft
Strutting eating and soiling
The fake fox fails

Eager sounds abound
Sharing wit, memories and fun
The cloth napkin soiled

Her body quivers
Eyes pleading for affection
Tail wagging briskly

Missed Hiawatha
Indian maid, poet’s fame
Teacher did her best

Headquarters looks sad
First impression, lonely, bleak
How they function is key

Friends meeting at noon
Words shared are noncommittal
What are they saying?

We have fragile souls
Lamenting loss of the grid
Keeping sun and moon

Bright yellow now brown
The promise of beauty gone
The daisy is dead

Authority speaks
The supplicant only hears
Sometimes news is good

The small table tips
Dents in the tan rug cower
Who is living here?

West wind rules the day
Splotchy green-yellow serpent
The rain continues

Can quiet rule him
Is doing nothing his goal?
It is worth a try

Nestled in your hand
A miracle for travel
Now you can get there

What have I said here?
Are words vapid or profound?
Search for a good judge


Is there a haiku journal entry you’d like to share? If so, upload it here.


Contributed by:  Gene Helveston

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1 thought on “Session 6: Journaling with Haiku

  1. Well done. In particular I enjoyed the first Sunday haiku. I never thought of the Lords Day that way, that all our days are his.

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