In the still of the night
When all, except cat-burglars and nurses, are sleeping,
I lie awake.
My mind is a parade ground …..
Unsummoned, unrelated, unwanted thoughts,
Fears and hopes,
Plans and decisions,
Unpaid bills, leaky roofs,
Dental appointments, mammograms,
Unwritten letters, unintended slights
And what should I have done?….

My heart is heavy within my chest.
Ominous night-sounds surround me.
Sleep and rest evades
My weary body.
My mind races
Like a squirrel in a cage.

Ease my pain, O Lord,
Calm my fears,
Take this turmoil from me.
Let me sleep dreamless, untroubled sleep,
Awakening to a new day,
With my faith renewed.

Margaret Hall Simpson
April 4, 2004

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