We love to hear from readers and here is a great example.

Last December 20th, Your Good Life began sending email notifications to 150 people. These introduced the Weekly feature, a second Chapbook story submitted by a reader, and two photos. I hope you saw them.

Monitoring tells us how many of the emails have been opened and looked at. Comments from readers help us know what is on their mind. So far, your response has been encouraging. Thank you. A third indication that the material is being read is the number of people who select smiley faces with settings from one for “not so good” to five for “very good”. These grades are sent anonymously. So far, the ratings have been OK. Regardless of the grade, we appreciate that you are taking the time to let us know how we are doing.

Then this Ziggy comic strip written by Tim Wilson appeared in my mailbox. It was from a reader. It carries an important message that is worth sharing.

Parrot: What ya doin Zig?
Ziggy: I’m writing in my journal (blog)
Parrot: Hey! Y’know those old stories about some reclusive guy with no friends who lives alone?
Ziggy: Yeah
Parrot: …And everyone thinks the guy is just a total loser…and they ignore him…until one day the guy dies of old age? …and, then a hundred years later, researchers stumble on a bunch of journals and notebooks?
Ziggy: Yeah
Parrot: …and the whole world finally discovers he was some great writer…or genius or something?
Ziggy: Uh-huh
Parrot: …well, that’s never going to happen to you.

We already know that. Our goal at Your Good Life is to continue providing you with the best material we can. We hope you will find it interesting, and entertaining reading. You can use the comment section to tell us how we are doing. Thank you.

By Savvy Senior

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