We asked a poet, “why”? Here is her reply.


As a child, I loved the nursery rhymes Mother read to me and hymns, which were poems set to music. As soon as I was old enough to read and write, I began writing silly little rhyming lines which I called “jingles.” This poem tells the unwritten story of how, inspired by Miss Moore, I began to appreciate this written form of expression. The poem essentially wrote itself. This was my first attempt at writing a 3-line poem. By the time I wrote it, I no longer felt the need to rhyme. Why I write is simple. I think of something that stirs my emotions and I need to write about it.

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When I read about the “virus curve,” I envisioned it as a roller coaster. I had just been introduced to the Carmen figure style, also called “pattern poetry.” I thought it might be interesting to write about it using that form. Again, the poem nearly wrote itself. I had to adjust a word here or there to make it conform to the shape, but the basic message remained the same. I was trying to convey, among other things, that terrifying second or two (which seems an eternity long) when riding a roller coaster and it pauses at the very top before it plunges downward.

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Contributed by:  Jo Lesher

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