A local treasure…

There are times when we need to open our eyes and let in the beauty around us. Then with willing hearts we can enjoy the essence of what we see. A group of dedicated residents in our community have given us a start in this quest by transforming a natural area amidst a bustling community into an oasis of pristine beauty and peace. The rest is up to us.


“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately…"

Henry David Thoreau

This approximately 1/3-mile trail in 14 acres of woodland can be walked easily in 30 minutes. It is in two loops with one dead end offshoot. There are two sturdy bridges with handrails and benches and logs to rest and enjoy the scene. The trails are labeled, and the walking surface is level and firm.

A stroll on a paved street fronting these cottages belies the experience awaiting the walker who enters the Woods by following the path just beyond the curve ahead.

Access to the Woods is a paved path leading from the street between cottages.

At the woods a sign announces the Woods as an official National Wildlife Federation Backyard Wildlife Habitat Site.

After a few more steps the walker can choose either the North loop on the right or straight ahead to the Creek for a walk in the Woods. These pictures follow the creek path.

The trail is bordered by straight limbs and the footing is firm and uncluttered.

The gently curved trail reveals a lush floor and verdant canopy capturing a scene serenaded by the sounds of a variety of birds erasing the hum of traffic.

The forest floor has bountiful green foliage with scattered white and yellow flowers depending on the season.

At a turn in the path, the walker is confronted by a fierce eagle perched atop her nest.

After an easy 5-minute walk, Crooked Creek is in sight. The water is clear, and the flow is steady.

The bridge over the creek is firmly anchored with concrete at either end with a secure footing over the open portion above the water. Handrails at a comfortable height are fixed on either side.

Stopping in the middle of the bridge the Creek below is crystal clear, and the fine ripples are seen.

After crossing the bridge, the walker is warned that alert fob service in no longer available. The tacit advice is to be extra careful — you are on your own.

At the end of the west loop the north loop beckons.

Another safe bridge passes over a dry riverbed.

At the northernmost part of the north loop a sign beckons the walker to Lovers Lane. Why not give it a try?

At the head of this trail the walker can sit on, what else, a love seat to view Crooked Creek as the water ripples over these rocks.

And after a short walk, to the entrance completing a delightful 30-minute walk ends as the walker joins another world.

Continuing the legacy of the Woods depends on the commitment of people like those shown here. They are key to building on the tradition of the Woods project by planning for the future and taking action to ensure this property is maintained as something to be enjoyed by all. Thank You.

There will be more about the Woods. Be watching!


Contributed by: The Woods Worker Volunteers

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1 thought on “The Woods at Marquette

  1. A local treasure: I am pleased to see that the woods trails are in use and that there was support to do the “big” things like the entrance path and update the bridge. I am sure many are taking advantage of this.
    Since moving to NC last year I’ve discovered local Greenways and lake trails. Most are in shady areas . congrats to to volunteers.

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