Looking back on a rough time.

When I first heard about COVID-19, I told myself that except for losing so many near and dear to me, I’d had a long and happy life and shouldn’t worry myself about it. However, upon reflection, I recalled that both of my parents had died of respiratory problems, and that I have had pneumonia several times. If I were to get COVID-19, it would likely be the end of me. And, I still had things that I wanted/needed to do. Paramount was keeping my children happy. I decided to follow all the rules and regulations caused by the pandemic and for nearly a year, I have.

My last evening before our near lock-down, friends and I had a meal of Corned Beef and Cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day. That was, of course, 17 March 2020.

I immediately started writing Haiku poetry about the virus and its effect on life. And, with the additional time available, I completed an ongoing project, an auto-bio through Story Worth, titled, “My Life So Far” Volume I. I am now progressing well with “MLSF Vol 2.”

During my now free evenings, I’ve re-watched every Star Trek TV series and movie ever made, followed by the “Mash” series and movie, and “Friends.” I’m now in the middle of “Downton Abbey.” I’ve just had my second COVID vaccine. I should complete “Downton” at about the time I become immune – immune not only to COVID but to all TV series as well. I realize that being immune is not a “get home free card.” However, I will feel free to join in some of the activities scheduled in the Senior Community where I live. I’ll still need to wear a mask and carry hand sanitizer. COVID-19 will not be gone but hopefully enough will get the vaccine or have had the virus, that “Herd Immunity” will become a reality.

I’ve kept in touch with my children with Zoom sessions which my eldest, Mike, sets up. Every Thursday night my 3 and I chat for at least an hour – usually longer. And I receive at least one phone call daily from my only daughter. I see and hear from my 2 sons more often than in pre-pandemic times. I used to say of my sons: “They love me and all that, but …” Now I say: “They love me.”

With immunity so close, I’m making plans for the future. In trying to get more exercise, I’ve been cleaning my own apartment. Once immune, I’ll resume the cleaning service and sign up for exercise classes and schedule time on the “Dreadmill.” I need to spend less time playing Bridge though it will be difficult to quit any one group. This past year I’ve beaded several door hangings for different seasons. I’d like to make more beaded things like necklaces and rings – that is, decorate me instead of doors. I have no desire to write more books though I may make up a book of my poems for my children. That I will write more “poetry” is a no-brainer. I’ve written it since I was old enough to read and write. I don’t care if it’s good or bad; I just enjoy the doing of it. Sometimes it’s auto-“biographable”, or for Journaling. Once in a while it’s to write deep, meaningful stuff like my “An Ode to Peanut Butter.”

One dirty little secret: I’ve actually enjoyed “going” to my computerized church service in my PJs while sipping coffee. And I’ve enjoyed doing what I want to do rather than checking my calendar to see what is scheduled. But there are things that I’ve missed, too. I have missed spending time with friends – many of whom I see at the Bridge table. I sorely miss going to Symphony’s Classical performances. I miss dining with others occasionally. The one thing that I have missed most of all are the HUGS! I do so love hugs – giving and receiving! I’ve missed several parties including my planned 90th Birthday Bash, family get-togethers for Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Due to the age of those involved in getting the vaccine, we will likely miss more 2021 holidays. I suspect Thanksgiving will be the next entire family get-together. I think it unlikely that we will ever again have a Thanksgiving for which we are more thankful.

Contributed by
:  Jo Lesher


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3 thoughts on “Thoughts on My Year in Isolation

  1. I identify with much of the things that you mention in your story. I have done many things that I had plans to do some day and now I had time to do them in the year of isolation. Congratulations on all the work you have done for you and your family memories.

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