Writing a Chapbook story can be fun.


Since you are checking out this week’s Chapbook, it is likely that you find this feature worth your time. There have been 40 of these interesting stories written by more than a dozen different people like you, readers and friends. Some share interesting stories from their lives. Others discuss things like right angles or what the 21st century means to them. And some of you have contributed to the Poets’ Corner. All it takes is an idea and a willingness to share.

You ask yourself, “should I try?” If the answer is yes, go for it! You may have done something like this before, or it could be your first time. You do not have to be a polished writer, just have a willingness to share.

All that is required from you is a Word document of about 500 words sent as an email attachment. Don’t worry excessively about punctuation, spelling, or even grammar. We can help with that. Write as you would speak, telling your story.

Send the Word document as an attachment to:  yourgoodlife84@gmail.com

Let us know if you need help. We look forward to hearing from you.

By the Editors


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