Something new could happen to each of us every day or we may remember something from our past that is special to us. This could be interesting and worth sharing.

This is what we are doing with Your Good Life each week in the three features below. We invite you to join us by reading and contributing your own writing to share with other seniors.

For the week of September 20, 2021

Arlene’s Chair

Sometimes memories only get better.

Tales on the Trail

Full exposure in the Canyon!

Trip to Costa Rica

Both a wonderful memory and being recognized as a “good sport”.

Arlene’s chair in its new home.
Rafting is exciting!
[Photo by Jackalope West on Unsplash]

Children in Costa Rica

From Savvy Senior

My daughter was moving into a condominium, downsizing from a larger home. I was helping, but mostly just keeping company and offering advice when asked. Both boys were settled and had already received many family “treasures” but the sorting process for what remained was still daunting.

“Do you think Arlene’s chair would look good here?” she asked. I had not heard that name used for the chair.


From A Reader
Lou Stanley

Picture this. We’re in the bottom of the Grand Canyon in four small rafts (with four passengers and a boatperson each) and a honey boat (don’t ask – but if you do, know that the rules for human waste disposal in the Canyon are very simple. Liquid waste goes into the river – hence the ubiquitous directional instruction “Skirts up, pants down!” (stream). But for solid waste, well what you bring in the Canyon you have to take out. Thus the need for a honey boat with a poor forlorn boatman and no passengers).

From A Reader
Mary Margaret O’Connor

In 1997, when our daughter invited us to join them for a Christmas vacation in Costa Rica. We jumped at the chance. She told us it was called an adventure tour, but she thought we were fit enough.

So, we flew to Miami on Christmas Day on Southwest Airlines and the fun started when we saw the flight attendants in Santa Claus hats. However, to my disappointment, even on Christmas, Southwest just gives out peanuts.