Something new could happen to each of us every day or we may remember something from our past that is special to us. This could be interesting and worth sharing.

This is what we are doing with Your Good Life each week in the three features below. We invite you to join us by reading and contributing your own writing to share with other seniors.

For the week of July 26, 2021

Parallel Parking Anyone?

I hope he learned a lesson.

Who Was That Man in the White Suit?

You never know who you will be seeing.


Session 7: Trying to Figure Out Things

More examples of writing in haiku.


Road rage – Anger caused by the stress and frustration in driving.
[Photo by Joshua Wordel on Unsplash]
West Baden Springs Hotel

[Photo by Avery Evans on Unsplash]

From Savvy Senior

An unforgettable event happened several years ago while I was parallel parking. I was with my wife looking for a parking place in downtown Indianapolis. We were the third or fourth car from the intersection waiting at a red light. As the light turned green, I decided that the empty parking spot we were next to would be perfect.

From A Reader
Margaret Hall Simpson

I grew up in West Baden Springs, a small town in southern Indiana. We were overshadowed by French Lick, but we had our own claims to fame. They had Pluto water, but we had Sprudel water. It smelled just as bad, and it had the same effect. They had Larry Bird “the Hick from French Lick” but long before he came along Babe Ruth was a frequent visitor and Joe Louis came to West Baden Springs to train for big fights.

From The Editors

A long period of study and practice with haiku is evident in these first two examples compared to a beginner.


What is Now?
by Margaret Hall Simpson

Was never changes
What will tomorrow be like?
Now is all I have