Zdenek Sasek

I’m not sure I am ready for this century; the new cell phones have so many new features. Blue Teeth, Air Droop, Super Hyper Retina Delay, Voice Cognition, Ultra-wide waistband support and a very small Wee Fly. Or maybe it’s a travel aid, Why Fly? Some of the features are even Virtually Real, whatever that means. The new cell phones are good up to 5G even though I rarely exceed 1G even in Airplane Mode. The APPS drive me crazy; Amazon, Twitter and Facebook always have ”suggestions” to sell me something.

And the abbreviations bother me. Is GPS a Geographic People Search? USB is obviously a Universal School Bus. God only knows what HTML stands for. I miss turning the crank and saying “Hello Central?”.

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Contributed by:  Don Grayson

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1 thought on “Welcome to the 21st Century

  1. Don…. Maybe you should go back to the days when you rang up the operator and said “ Mabel, will you check and see if Lizzie is still talking to Rosie? If she is, keep checking and call me back when she’s through .?

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