This is a wonderful example of a rich memoir to be enjoyed by future generations.

The dresses we are wearing were made from feed sacks.

When I think about my childhood, the following come to mind.

I miss:

1. Exploring the wide-open spaces of the farm where I could walk to the creek behind our house and dream about building a raft in which I could sail across the creek. Now I realize that the creek wasn’t wide enough to sail across. Unless there had been a lot of rain, you could jump across the creek.

2. Helping my grandma, mom, aunt and sisters make grape jelly from our own grapes on the arbor outside the kitchen window. We canned peaches, cherries and pears from the trees on our property. We also canned pickles.

3. Going to the woods with dad to pick up hickory nuts. I don’t miss having to pick the nut meat out of the hard nuts.

4. Riding the bike to my friend’s house to go fishing and bringing the five-inch fish home to show my family.

5. Going on picnics in roadside parks.

6. Visiting my Aunt Dorie in Uhrichsville and sitting on her porch in the swing.

7. Playing with my dogs and cats. We even taught the black cat, Blackie, to stand on her hind legs to beg for food.

8. Traveling to see different sites around Ohio.

9. Sharing the feed sacks that Dad ordered so we could sew new clothes.

10. Going to the Putnam County Library to get biographies to read in the summer.

11. Watching all the cowboy shows on television while I cleaned in the room where the television was. Hop-a-long Cassidy, Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger, Gene Autry, and more.

12. Going to Grandma’s house to get a Toni permanent.

13. Going to Grandma’s house and exploring in her attic.

14. Jumping on our bed and rolling backwards off the foot end into the feather beds on the bed.

15. Listening through the floor register from our bedroom upstairs down to the main room downstairs to the conversations of the adults. That is how and where I heard my mother was dying when I was eleven.

16. Ordering from magazines my very own travel folders showing me places around the world that I could travel.

17. Listening to the radio to Jack Benny, Fibber McGee and Molly, and music.

18. Receiving in the mail every week my copy of the top fifty music hits for that week from WOWO Ft. Wayne radio station.

19. Asking strange and difficult questions of our young priest religion teacher, Fr. Ritzler. He was so smart and taught us about the God that helped me rely on Jesus during difficult times.

20. Cozying in the feather bed in an upstairs bed that only received a little warmth through a sixteen-inch register above the coal stove in the living room of the house. The feather beds had real chicken feathers that were stuffed into the thick bed-sized striped old material called ticking. Feather beds were on the beds in the winter and stored in the spring and summer. They were precursors to the down filled comforters of today -only better.

21. Making mud pies with my cousin, Paul.

22. Going to the county fair. The rides and the game tents were fun but the walking around to try to find friends or possibly find new friends was the best.

23. Going on a sleigh ride. A friend’s brother drove a tractor pulling the sleigh and picked our group up- Joanie Maag, Shirley Schmitz, Velma Verhoff, JoAnn and Ruth Kohls and Audrey and me. It was so slow, and the houses were far apart so when everyone was picked up, we had to drop everyone off.

Contributed by: Rosemary Hume

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3 thoughts on “What About Being a Child Do You Miss the Most?

  1. Rosemary, this is a lovely memory and it shows that you had a great childhood and that there are so many things that one can cherish.

    I don’t mean any disrespect, but your 23 item list makes me wonder “What about being a child do you miss the least?”

  2. Thanks for the challenging question. What comes to mind right away are two items.
    1. Having to go out to the outhouse on the cold, snowy days.
    2. Competing with my older brothers.

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