What do you know old girl?
I know times are hard, but I can always choose hope.

What do you know?
I know in this isolation bubble I wait and fritter and waste the best parts o’ me.

What d’ya know?
I know I can always extend myself to help and encourage someone else.

What do you know, old girl?
I know 2020 is closin’ fast and I’m feelin’ flat out spent.

But really, What do you know?
I know I promised my cat I would outlive her.
I know I’m way too old to live in a dystopian society.

Girrl really? What do “you” know?
I know today I choose life, I choose love, and kindness and joy.

Girl, don’t forget about laughter!

By Theresa Rodgerson
From The PVM Villages of Holly Woodlands

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