A special poem for the time we are in.

This poem highlights the wide reach of the COVID-19 pandemic brought to us through the words of Max Boyce legendary Welsh entertainer. You can read the words yourself. They are powerful. Even better is hearing the poet read them, which you can do by selecting the link below. Thank you Barbara Furlow for bringing this wonderful piece to Your Good Life.


Click below to hear the poem read by Max Boyce:


When Just the Tide Went Out

Last night as I lay sleeping
When dreams came fast to me
I dreamt I saw Jerusalem
Beside that tideless sea

And one dream I’ll remember
as the stars began to fall
Was Bansky painting Alun Wyn
On my neighbor’s garage wall

And dreams like that sustain me
Til these darkest times have passed
And chase away the shadows
No caring night should cast

But times like this can shine a light
As hardship often can
To see the best in people
And the good there is in man

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