Ever wish you could snap a picture of that memorable sight? If you have a smart phone you can.

You may have noticed that Your Good Life (YGL) is including two photos each week to accompany the Weekly blog and Chapbook features. Our objective is to get our readers more involved. Right now, half of our pictures are from readers and include a variety of subjects intended to add interest to the site. In the future we hope all photos will be contributed by readers.

Trust me, you don’t have to be a pro to get a picture included. Most photos published so far have been by amateurs with no special skills and were taken with a smart phone. If you have one, you already have a fine camera. The subjects are things seen by us during regular activities, while on vacation, or wherever. We want to remember what we saw. There is no reason why you can’t capture any moment and share the experience later.

The smart phone camera is a sophisticated instrument that essentially replaces the old “point and shoot” cameras you may have used in the past. The camera does just what the description says. You select the camera icon, point the lens at something, press the button (shoot) and, voila, you have a picture. It’s that simple. The picture you take is exactly what you see on the screen you are looking at.

The smart phone camera is truly amazing. For instance:

• The picture appears immediately.
• The picture costs nothing.
• You can take as many of the same picture as you choose and erase those you don’t want.
• Pictures may be enlarged and edited easily by you.
• You can take your camera to Walgreens or Staples, for example, and make a print suitable for framing.
• Your phone can store thousands of pictures.
• The pictures are digital allowing you to send them electronically in an email or text message.
• You can change the direction of the camera and take a picture of yourself (selfie).
• Most cameras can take a video.

If you have a photo stored in your camera and would like to submit it to YGL, it can be sent directly from your phone. First choose the picture and follow the procedure indicated by your phone for sending an email with an attachment. The address to receive the picture is:  yourgoodlife84@gmail.com. If you have the option, choose the largest picture size and submit. It is not possible to provide more explicit instructions here because of the many minor but significant differences between phones. Unless you hear from us otherwise, the picture you sent will appear on the web site in the Photo Gallery.

Please do not submit personal photos of family and friends. Photos with crowds of people in the background, fellow tourists, etc., are OK if they are not the subject of the picture. If for some reason your picture can’t be used, you will be notified.

The person who submits the best picture in 2020 will receive a $100.00 prize and be recognized on YGL. If you have any questions, include them in comments below.

By Savvy Senior

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